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Transform your health with the science of personalised nutrition

Transform your health with personalised nutrition

Change your relationship to food.

On our two-day Healthy Eating Course we will give you the knowledge and practical skills to help you improve your diet.


Eat a diet you like that is tailored to you

Our Nutritional Therapists will design you a personalised diet – with oversight from doctors where needed – that achieves your health goals and supports your medical conditions.


Get the support you need to make the change

Our Nutrition Coaches will give you ongoing one-to-one and group support to help you implement your new diet.

Our Services

To help you improve your diet and health, we offer three services: Nutrition Education, Nutritional Therapy and Nutrition Coaching.

We have packaged these services into two programmes: Euzen Healthy Eating and Euzen Personalised Nutrition.

We also track your progress with our Health Tracking questionnaires and nutritional laboratory tests.

Personalised Nutrition

Our Nutritional Therapists apply the science of Personalised Nutrition to design you a personalised diet to help you achieve the best health outcomes. We also appreciate that making and maintaining a change in your diet can be challenging. This is why our Nutrition Coaches give you the knowledge and all the support you need to apply your new diet effectively.

Scientific Innovation

We innovate new technology and approaches to design and support personalised diets. To do this, we actively research Evidence Based Personalised Nutrition, Translational Nutrition, and Evidence Based Coaching.

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