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In collaboration with CNELM, we actively research and innovate in Evidence Based Personalised Nutrition, Translational Nutrition, and Evidence Based Coaching. We are also committed to publishing evidence on how well our nutrition and coaching approaches work so they can be peer reviewed by other scientists.

Euzen Evidence Based Personalised Nutrition
Evidence Based Personalised Nutrition

We continually research how well our personalised approach works, and innovate technology and tools to help our Nutritional Therapists design and monitor your personalised diets.

Translational Nutrition means reducing the amount of time it takes for new science and technology from other research groups to be applied in the design and monitoring of your personalised diet. Our Nutrition Scientists systematically search the scientific literature and write reviews that help us develop your personalised diet.

Euzen Evidence Based Coaching
Evidence Based Coaching

We also apply the same approach to our coaching services: continually searching the literature to identify new coaching methods so we can innovate and improve our own coaching techniques.