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Our mission is to give you the peace of mind that you have done the best you possibly can for your health and diet.

This is why we chose the name ‘Euzen’. It is an anglicisation of the ancient Greek Ευ Ζην, which means the art of maintaining a healthy and fulfilled everyday life.

Today, Euzen enhances this ancient philosophy with the science of Personalised Nutrition and Nutrition Coaching, making it easy for you to achieve your own Ευ Ζην.

Euzen — manage your life
Three aspects of Ευ Ζην

There are three aspects to our approach to Ευ Ζην: παιδεία (Paideia), καθοδήγηση (kathodígisi), and θεραπεία (therapeía). These literally mean education, coaching and therapy.

The literal translation of Paideia is education. However, it means much more than this: to say that someone has Paideia means that they have both knowledge and the wisdom to apply it. Paideia also means personal growth, and an orientation towards self-improvement.

Euzen is about transferring our Paideia to you so that you can easily gain the dietary knowledge you need to improve your health and the wisdom to apply it.

If the path to health was clear, you would have already walked it! What obscures your path? Not knowing the obstacles you might encounter, the steps you need to take, and even exactly what your goal is.

A clear path to health needs an understanding of nutrition. This helps you form your goals. However, the real obstacle is not understanding what drives your behaviour, and how to change it. For this, you need Kathodígisi.

Kathodígisi literally means coaching and mentoring. You nutrition coach provides you with guidance on your health goals. They also act as a mentor, sharing their knowledge, skills and experience, to help you implement your diet and change your health.

Therapeía, literally translates as therapy. At Euzen we use Nutritional Therapy, which involves more than simply supporting you to improve your diet. It means using your health history, and if necessary laboratory tests, to design you a Personalised Diet Plan. This is a set of nutritional and lifestyle recommendations unique to you.

At Euzen, our approach incorporates all of the above: therapeía (therapy), paideia (education) and kathodígisi (coaching).

Your nutritional therapist uses therapeía to design your Personalised Diet Plan; then, your nutrition coach supports you with kathodígisi to develop the paideia to understand and implement this plan in a way that works for you. This defines our unique approach to Ευ Ζην.

Euzen Philosophy