Payments, Charges, Refunds and Cancellations Policy

  1. Purpose

To set out the policy regarding Payment, Charges, Cancellations and Refunds for nutrition education, nutrition coaching and nutritional therapy services provided by Euzen.

1.1 Scope

This policy covers all clients of Euzen Ltd.

1.2 Position Statement

Euzen aims to make its payments, charges, refunds and cancellations policy position transparent and clear; the primary intention of it being ‘fair’ to all stakeholders, including clients, staff and shareholders. This position is consistently communicated in all our published literature including:

  • Euzen's website

  • Email communication

  • Nutrition service documentation

  • Service brochures and other marketing documents

  • Other policies and documents

  1. Cancellations and Rescheduling

All services, once delivered, are non-refundable. Please Note: this does not affect your consumer rights. See section 3.

2.1 Programme Cancellations

Programmes (e.g. Euzen Healthy Eating or Euzen Personalised Nutrition) can be cancelled with one months notice. This means that all services scheduled within 31 days of cancellation must be paid for.

The exception to this is cancellation before the delivery of any service. In this instance, the service can be cancelled with full refund if the client is not within the cut-off period for the any Euzen course (see 2.2 below). If the client is within the cancellation cut-off period then the refund policy below (2.2) will only apply to the course or courses, and a full refund will be given for all other services.

2.2 Course Cancellations and Rescheduling

Euzen courses such as the Two Day Healthy Eating Course and Introduction to Menu Planning Course can be cancelled without fee with one weeks’ notice. Within one week no refund will be provided.

Euzen courses can be rescheduled for a later date with no administrative fee with one weeks notice. After this period a £100 administrative fee will apply for rescheduling the Two Day Healthy Eating Course and Introduction and a £40 fee for rescheduling the Menu Planning Course

2.3 One-to-One Session Cancellations

One to one sessions can be resheduled with 48 hours notice without and administrative fee, and with a £20 fee within 48 hours. The fee will payable by card or bank transfer, and must be paid prior to the commencment of the new session appointment.

Sessions can be cancelled without the cancellation of the entire programme if the client at the client requests. This can be done with 2 week notice without incurring a fee, and £40 adminstrative fee within this period.

2.4 Group Session Cancellations

Group sessions can be cancelled or resheduled with no time-limit or fee; however, Euzen does not ganurentee that group sessions can be resheduled as this requires moving the client to another group where group consent and maximum group number limits apply.

2.5 Laboratory Test Cancellations

Euzen doesn’t directly provide laboratory tests, and only passes on client money to test providers. If a test had been ordered, then the laboratory test providers cancellation and refund policy will apply. If the test has not been ordered and a client wishes to cancel a test or tests then all monies held by Euzen for this purpose will be returned to the client.

2.6 Personalised Nutrition Plan (PNP) Cancellation

The development of a PNP represents a significant amount of time for Euzen staff and may be completed at any time in the period between, the first and second consultation. As such can only be cancelled at the same time as the first consultations, and not after the first consultation.

2.7 Table of return fees for full Cancellation*

Nutrition Service Name Refund
Euzen Personalised Nutrition £595.00
Euzen Healthy Eating £595.00

*Note this table is dynamically calculated and reflects current prices. The client is provided with a table that refelects the prices at the time of purchase which will refect the refund prices cosnistent with their invoice at time of purchase.

  1. Exercise Consumer Rights

This policy position does not affect your consumer rights: for example where Euzen has mis-sold or failed to deliver the terms and conditions of the programme or service a client has enrolled on and paid, or part-paid for. Mis-selling, failure-to-deliver ‘the product’ or the product not being fit-for-purpose are examples of where you could challenge the refund policy. It is for you to make such a case and to provide evidence. In the first instance the client should aim to resolve any refund request based on consumer rights with Euzen.

  1. Payment Details

Payment for the Euzen Healthy Eating Programme can be made in one up-front payment. Payment for Euzen Personalised Nutrition can either be made up-front for all services or invoiced on a monthly basis. If this option is chosen then the client (or Third party payer, see section 6) will be provided with a payment plan. Please Note: this plan is a monthly and can change if appointment slots are moved.

  1. Payment Methods

Payments made be made by Debit Card, Credit Card or BACS transfer. Card payments may be made online through our Euzen Portal or over the phone.

  1. Payment by a Third Party

Payments may be made by a third party -- for example an individual, company or sponsor -- for a Euzen client; however, we will need to obtain the consent of the client and a third party agreement will need to be signed by the client and the third party. If the client doesn't consent to the agreement, a full refund for the services will be made to the third party.

  1. Payment Increases/Changes

Once a programme or package has been invoiced for, no price increases will be applied to the client, even if all prices have increased and full payment has not yet been made. Prices for additional purchased services, however, will be at invoiced at the current price.

  1. What Programme Fees Cover

Euzen programmes (e.g. Euzen Healthy Eating or Euzen Personalised Nutrition) include all advertised services in the total package price. No hidden fees will be added to the programme; however, clients may purchase additional Euzen services if they choose.

  1. What Programme Fees Do Not Cover

Euzen programmes (e.g. Euzen Healthy Eating or Euzen Personalised Nutrition) only include the services invoiced for, they do not include any additional services such as extra coaching sessions, nutritional therapy session or laboratory tests. These will be invoiced for separately.

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